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Mercedes-Benz 230 Lang

– I just farted.

Cadillac Le Mans concept

03EyesOnDesign Eyes On Design
– Actually, I have no idea how to get out of here.

Dodge Challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger advertisement
– Remind me to never let you buy me clothes again.

Chevrolet Corvette

1960 Chevrolet Corvette
– Yeah, but mine is faster.

BMW 3-series E30

– Tower, this is Flight 323. We’re on approach, but there’s a car on the runway. Repeat. There’s a car on the runway. Can somebody please tell me what the F it is doing there?

BMW 503

– No, I won’t let you in as long as you’re wearing pizza on your head.

Fiat 131

– You wouldn’t happen to have some jumper cables, would you?

Opel Kadett C Aero


Lunar Roving Vehicle

Lunar Rover circa 1971
– Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the moon?

BMW 525 E12

– Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?