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Mercedes-Benz W115

– Hey, your sideburns are as big as mine.

BMW 3-series E36 Touring

Seatbelts. The legal way of tying your kids down.

Plymouth XNR

Yeah, as if Plymouth ever would have put that into production …

Volvo 242 GT

– At least it handles like a boat.

Mercedes-Benz 380SL

– Can you call for help? My hand got stuck in the door handle again.

NSU Ro80

Jubilaeumsmagazin Historie
– Look here. This is what happens when Germans try to be creative. Now make something drab instead and let’s call it Audi.

Opel Rekord

– I’m sorry, Liesl, but this is not going to work. It’s not you. It’s your car.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior

ARHA0345_Giulia CoupÇ 1300 GT Junior 1966-1968
The invitation said “Dress in white”. Apparently Giulia missed that.

Chrysler 300

– Help! I can’t get out! The door is locked and I broke a fingernail on the knob!

BMW Isetta

BMW Isetta
– You can hide in here, in this, uh, shelter, while I fetch a car.