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Audi 100

The weird blue car stalked the beach for days, before the police came around to arrest him.
– Well, the kid didn't really turn out as good as i thought. Let's adopt the car instead. Please ...
You've got it all wrong. The car washing girl is supposed to be in front of the camera.
Seatbelts. The legal way of tying your kids down.
– No, I say we're lost. Could you please just stop and ask somebody for directions? This is decidedly NOT Madison Avenue.
Refrigerator rafting. Don't try this at home.
The old, conservative roadster soon imploded from all the gayness.

BMW 507

He designed it. You didn't. Please feel inferior.

VW Beetle

– Help! We're being eaten alive!
Unfortunately, the fungus ate her brain.

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Fiat Nuova 500

Fiat 850 Spider

Volvo 740 GL

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