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– As an anchor? I don't know, won't the fish hate us?
At first, Elena thougt the car was a plus. But when Eduardo made her wear a helmet and then crawl up the mountain at an abysmal pace, she had had enough and gave Juan a call. The car still looked good, though.
Refrigerator rafting. Don't try this at home.

Volvo 960

– Servizio's here!
– Well, the kid didn't really turn out as good as i thought. Let's adopt the car instead. Please ...

BMW 507

He designed it. You didn't. Please feel inferior.
– Hello? No, I'm sorry, the cellphone's not invented yet.
As there was no heat in the car, a thick fur was always a good idea.
– A little more to the left, dearie.
Aerodynamic dedication: a winged moustasche.

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Fiat Nuova 500

Mercedes-Benz W115

NSU Ro80

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