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As there was no heat in the car, a thick fur was always a good idea.
– At least it handles like a boat.
– No, Helmut. You missed again. Now let's go round again and try one more time.
Yeah, as if Plymouth ever would have put that into production ...
– Can you call for help? My hand got stuck in the door handle again.
The invitation said "Dress in white". Apparently Giulia missed that.
– Do you really think we can push it over here? And nobody will notice? Plastic disintegration you say ...

BMW 507

He designed it. You didn't. Please feel inferior.
Little did they know, that they'd soon be part of the picnic themselves. Inviting the superficially nice but slightly odd looking italian guy would turn out to be a fatal mistake.
– If you kids just get in to the boot, we can all go visit grandma.

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Mercedes-Benz R107

BMW 503

Opel Omega A Kombi

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