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Seatbelts. The legal way of tying your kids down.

Volvo 960

– Servizio's here!
– You can hide in here, in this, uh, shelter, while I fetch a car.
The little Fiat was shaking as the gallows were prepared. Still it wasn't sure what it was accused of, but tried to keep a dignified apperance in the face of the Manufacturer.
– Is the wheel still on?

VW Beetle

– Help! We're being eaten alive!
– No, Helmut. You missed again. Now let's go round again and try one more time.

Volvo 343

– Look, it's a stranded whale! Come on, let's help it back into the water.

NSU Ro80

– Look here. This is what happens when Germans try to be creative. Now make something drab instead and let's call it Audi.
– I can see my house from here!

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BMW 525 E12

Opel Monza

Chrysler 300

Fiat 600 Multipla

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