DKW Munga

The new anti-gravity device would soon prove to be disastrous.

BMW 2002 Cabriolet

– Honey, it does too look like a pick-up.

Fiat Nuova 500

– If you kids just get in to the boot, we can all go visit grandma.

Maybach 62

– Why, yes, I am made of wax. How did you know?

VW Beetle

– Help! We're being eaten alive!

Lancia Stratos

– But where do I put the groceries?

Lancia Thema station wagon

– No one will see your hair cut. Just hide in the boot.


– I can see my house from here!

Mercedes W 124

No wonder the car is trying to hide.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

– And with this, you can come back when the car won't.