Mercedes W 124

No wonder the car is trying to hide.

Fiat 500 Giardiniera

The little Fiat was shaking as the gallows were prepared. Still it wasn't sure what it was accused of, but tried to keep a...

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

– And with this, you can come back when the car won't.

BMW 3-series E30

Fiat 850

– Please let me out.

Chrysler 300

– Help! I can't get out! The door is locked and I broke a fingernail on the knob!

Lancia Thema station wagon

– No one will see your hair cut. Just hide in the boot.

Opel Kadett C Aero

Lunar Roving Vehicle

– Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the moon?

Chevrolet Corvette

– Yeah, but mine is faster.

DKW Munga

The new anti-gravity device would soon prove to be disastrous.
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Fiat 131

Lada 1200 Break

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Fiat Dino 2.4 Coupé

Double worry about heating bills ...

BMW Isetta

Ford Escort mk1

Fiat 124 Abarth Rally

Maybach 62

Latest reviews

Opel Omega A Kombi

– Sorry kids. You'll have to wait.

Mercedes-Benz W115

– Hey, your sideburns are as big as mine.

Lancia Beta Spider

Thankfully, the reverse gear was broken.

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